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Let us be your all in one photographers.



DFW Work Drones offer specialized and affordable services for your residential and commercial needs.                                      

We are FAA licensed helicopter pilots with years of interior and exterior photography experience. Certified and insured for unmanned commercial flight operations. Safety and security is our top priority, as well as providing as much privacy to the surrounding environment as possible.

We specialize in:

  • Aerial real estate photography & cinematography
  • Interior photography & cinematography using sliders and glide cameras.
  • Animated realtor and property videos.  (sample below)

*Gold Package - With the Gold package we research the area for neighborhood schools, lakes, communities and any attractions that might draw more interest from potential buyers and include them into the video along with aerial video and still photographs of the exterior/interior of the property. Included in the price is the un-branded video to put on the MLS

*Silver Package - (includes exterior fly-over video + interior/exterior photos with music) With purchase of the branded package you also receive the un-branded version for MLS at no additional charge,




*Bronze Package - (includes exterior fly-over video only) With purchase of the branded video you will get the unbranded version for the MLS at no additional charge.



We are now offering community videos. We can incorporate your contact and property information into the video.  Sample video below.

Highly experienced interior photographers with attention to detail at affordable prices.  

Our Equipment

Let us produce your next animated property video.  We use the latest video and audio editing equipment and software.

Small, Quiet and Unobtrusive

Flight Autonomy gives our drones the intelligence to avoid obstacles and hover precisely.  Each drone posesses 5 cameras, GPS & GLONASS, 2 ultrasonic range finders, redundant sensors, and 24 powerful computing cores.


Cutting Egde HD True 4k Camera

Mechanically stabilized camera with ultra-precise 3-axis gimbal.  Capable of stabilizing the camera even during high-speed motion for smooth video and sharp photos. No electronic image stabilization is used, ensuring all footage is true 4K. 



Our pilots are FAA licensed helicopter pilots certified for all aspects of commercial remote pilot Part 107 operations. Experienced working in all types of controlled airspace including class B airspace and other types of congested areas.

Contact us today and turn your project, product, or property into a compelling visual story.

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